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Quotes from my favorite Criminal Minds Fics.
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JJ closed her eyes, letting her head loll back against the couch as she pictured every moment of the night they had shared. Her body tingled as she thought about the way Emily had made her feel, as she had caressed her. Each touch had enlightened sensations in her that she never knew were possible. JJ had never had such an attentive lover.

One night. All JJ had wished for in the months that followed was a repeat, but each time they made plans, something happened. Henry was sick, Penelope found out they were meeting up and joined them, Will fell out with his sister and stayed at home, and the list went on, until JJ realised that she hadn’t heard from Emily in a while.

She called Emily several times, but could detect the distance in her voice and the excuses she used were laughable. JJ had assumed Emily had felt it was a mistake, that she had regretted her actions. If she had only known then what she knew now…

Now she knew that Doyle had caused Emily to create a distance between her and her friends. Knowing that didn’t make the rejection easier, just understandable.

Alone JJ sobbed for what may have been.


“'To the spy who loved me - if only
for one night’,”




Today made me realize

Laying her head onto his chest Will placed his good arm around her. Kissing her forehead. JJ closed her eyes, taking a deep breath. Letting the tears fall once again. Will felt a wet patch on his shirt. Pulling away, he lifted JJ’s chin, kissing her softly on the lips.

"You… almost died….."

"JJ. I’m right here."

"Don’t ever leave me…."

"I don’t ever plan on it…"


“A wise man once told me that ‘scars remind us where we’ve been. They don’t have to dictate where we’re going.’”




Punch Drunk

"I thought I saw you sneak in here," Gideon said, the curiosity in the pleasant tone turning to concern when Spencer never lifted his head. "You alright?"
"I think Morgan spiked the punch," Spencer told him, reaching out to shake his now empty cup (and when had he finished it?), the small chips of ice all that were left of the two large
cubes he had started out with rattling around in the plastic.
He could all but imagine Gideon taking that information in; weighing it along with the fact that the younger man had all but snuck his way into his darkened office and had yet to open
his eyes and look at him.
"And you thought it would be better to face a possible drunk in here than out there where Morgan might make fun of you?"
"Would make fun of me," Spencer corrected though without heat. He was much too mellow and - let’s face it - heading into sleepy, to worry about his fellow agent’s teasing. Morgan may make him uncomfortable sometimes but he was never mean. Besides, he wasn’t drunk, he was…pleasantly mellow. "And I thought a nap would be good."
This time he when he heard Gideon chuckle it sounded closer. Cautiously cracking open a eye, Spencer saw one blue denimed thigh resting on the table where his drink had been. The
wonderfully dark voice still held that hint of amusement. “So you’re a sleepy drunk, then?”
In his current mood Spencer only tipped his head up at the older man, smiling happily. The wide yawn only added credence to the accusation. “Yep


Dave’s Damn Dog

Hotch narrowed his eyes a bit, trying to see through the rain. “I think Mudgie came home.”
Emily sighed as the dog walked over to them, looking down at the ground, ashamed of what he did.
"Don’t worry boy." Emily said. "It’s Daddy who’s dead."



Rossi catches her hands, embraces her and lets her cry.
"Don’t cry" Rossi whispers and he feels like a father. And he doesn’t mind.
Emily lets the warm feeling washes over her and she feels like a little girl in her father’s arms. And she doesn’t mind.
"Daddy…" Emily cries and she cries until her tears run out.

Demon Enma

Next door

"Jack?" She asked opening the door.
“Hi miss Emily.” The three year old slipped inside her apartment before she could say anything else.
She smiled and after looking outside and not seeing anyone she closed the door and went looking for her recurrent visitor, she found him and Sergio, her black cat, playing on her bad.
“Did you miss me Segio?” He still had some difficulties with the letter r, but he was getting better.
“Oh I bet he did. You are his favorite.” She smiled as the little boy turned his bright eyes at her and she could see the happiness on his face. “Did daddy see you leave buddy?”
“I don’t know?” He shrugged his shoulders.
“What was he doing went you left?”
“Taking a shower?” He made his answer into a question and didn’t look at me, we had being over this a few times.
“I’ll go talk to dad, don’t leave okay?” He nodded his head, he was a very smart and obedient kid she had learned over the past two months his father had moved into her building, but after finding out she was nice and she had just adopted a young kitty cat, he had started knocking on her door. Without the approval of his overly protected FBI dad.
The first time she had being worried, after all she had briefly met Agent Hotchner when he moved in and the only things she knew was that he was recently divorced, worked for the FBI and was one of the most handsome mans she had ever seen.
They had met occasionally getting in and out of the building but she had noticed that her next-door neighbor had a very difficult schedule, while she, a U.S. embassy translator had a nine to five work schedule that would only sometimes need traveling or after hours work.
She ruffled the kids hair and turned the T.V. in her bedroom putting it on a cartoon, maybe that would keep him entertained just enough so she could make sure the older Hotchner knew where his son was.
As she left her apartment she could hear the voice of the man in question calling for his son, what she didn’t count on was the fact that he was only wearing a towel around his waist.
“Oh God, please tell me he is with you?” The tone in his voice showed how much worried he was at not finding the little boy inside.
“Yes, he is inside petting Sergio and watching T.V.” She half smiled, it was still pretty funny, here he was just outside her door in only a towel and her thoughts were definitely slipping away from the situation at hand.
“Good, good.” His hand still securing the piece of fabric that covered part of his body while the other ruffled his already messy hair. “I swear I thought him better then that. He know not to leave, but today we saw you getting home, and I’m guessing he really wanted to see the damn cat.” He looked apologetic after cursing the poor animal who seemed to be the reasons for his routines “almost heart attacks lately”.
“I know he is a good little boy, don’t worry. I don’t mind him, really.” She explained, he had apologized like a thousand times after the first time Jack had done a surprise visit to her.”It would just feel better if he would let you know he was leaving, tried telling him that, he is giving daddy several white hairs.” She smiled at her joke and he did too.
“Tell me about it, I lock the door and put the chain on, but the little rascal learned how to put the chair near the door and undoing it. It would be easier if he wasn’t this tall, I might have to move the chain up.” We both laughed at that. “I really am sorry.” He finished.
“You don’t have to I’ve told you that, he is a love, and Sergio really appreciates all the attention.” God, the man was so polite and adorable, she thought. She really needed to find more mens like him, her history in relationships weren’t the best ones.
“I still feel like I should be compensation you for all the intrusions, I mean your boyfriend probably doesn’t like someone else’s kid getting in and out all the time.”
“Don’t have one, so rest assured Jack isn’t disturbing anything.” She did a happy dance on the inside. She really thinks this was the man’s way to know if she had someone.
“Really?” He also smiled. “Then how about I ordered something for dinner so Jack can stay with Sergio for a while longer and we can all have dinner together? That way I can thank you for the hospitality you have being showing me and my runaway son.” We both smiled at his invitation and she got her face closer to his ear so she could speak in a lower voice.
“Sure, but I really think, for Jack’s sake, that you should put some clothes on.” His face got a nice shade of red and his hold on the towel tightened.
“Hmm…Yeah. Good idea.”
“It was a nice view tho. We will be waiting.” I smiled as I walked inside my apartment again, Sergio and Jack would certainly get treats tonight.



I pulled him down to kiss me again, and of course that’s exactly when the entire BAU team came charging through the room, digital cameras flashing. He hung his head. “Fuck. muttered in my ear. I just giggled and stayed in his arms.

(Baby Velociraptor)

Hotch’s Car 
Christmas Party
(Baby Velociraptor)

“She couldn’t help but feel like she had somehow broken Hotch’s heart but she didn’t feel like that about him, to her he was like her older brother not lover. No, she loved Derek, was in love with Derek and one confession from her boss wasn’t going to change that.”


She Loves Him, She Loves Him Not


“I lost myself. I lost myself and I think in doing that I lost you.”


Breathe Me


Drunken Confession

"How is it that you’re still standing?" Morgan chuckled as he stared at Prentiss who was swaying a bit by the table.

She shrugged then had to regain her balance from that small movement. A waitress with a tray of shots started to walk by when Emily saw her. She threw her hands up in an attempt to get her attention. Hotch quickly grabbed her hands and brought them back to the table.

"I really don’t think you need anymore," Hotch said in all seriousness.

Emily looked deep into Hotch’s eyes and shivered slightly, and she was sure he could feel it. She bit her lip and nodded. “You’re right. I think I’m gonna head home.” She grabbed her purse and almost fell over when two strong hands found her hips and steadied her.

"Come on I’ll take you."

The team looked up at Hotch when he offered to take Emily home. They all knew Hotch wasn’t too fond of Emily. They all exchanged a glance. Maybe he was getting over it.

Emily smiled and hugged all of her friends then left with Hotch and headed for the parking lot. Hotch placed his arm around her waist to keep her on track. The wind blew roughly and Emily snuggled in closer to Hotch. She really needed some sleep because the thoughts running through her head about her and Hotch were bound to get her in trouble.

They arrived at Hotch’s SUV and he removed his arm, but Emily quickly started to tumble. He grabbed her and pushed her against his car and kept her in place with his body.

"Where’d you think you were going?" he smirked.

"I love you," she blurted out before she knew what was happening. Emily turned twelve shades of red and she wanted to throw her head through his window.

Hotch stopped moving. “What?” He asked quietly then looked into her eyes.

"You heard me," she whispered. "I love you."

Hotch swallowed thickly. His body was still pressed against his smaller one. “You’re drunk. You don’t realize what you’re saying.”

Emily shook her head violently. Her hands find his arms and she squeezed them. “I know what I’m saying and I’m pretty sure you love me too.” Before he could stop her, her lips crashed onto his in a heated kiss. And against all of his better judgment, he kissed her back. His tongue darted into her mouth when she let out a moan. She grinded her hips against him, and the feeling of little Hotch stirring is what reluctantly pulled him away from her.

She didn’t let him move completely away, just his head. “I’m sorry,” he said quickly.

"Don’t be. I liked it," she smiled up at him.

Hotch sent a glare her way. “Prentiss we can’t do this. I don’t feel for you the way you do for me,” he lied.

Her smile faded rapidly. “I don’t believe you. If you didn’t feel anything for me you wouldn’t have kissed me back, but you did.”


That name caused both of them to be silent. What was wrong with him? He was married and he was making out with his subordinate in a dark parking lot while she was drunk.

"I think you do love me," Emily stated. "I think that’s why you push me away. I think that’s why you act like you don’t like me, it’s because you do and you can’t handle those feelings."

Hotch’s mouth hung open. Damn profilers, he thought to himself. “Emily I don’t love you…at all. I love my wife.” Tears started to well up in Emily’s eyes and he wanted nothing more than to kiss them away. “I’m sorry if that’s not what you wanted to hear, but—”

"Why not me?" she interrupted.


"Why not me? Why can’t you love me?" A single tear slipped from her eye.

He gently wiped the tear away with his thumb. “Because I found Haley first,” he answered honestly. He knew he could be happy with Emily and part of him wanted that, but he couldn’t. He had a wife and son at home, he couldn’t let his feelings for her compromise that, no matter how much he wanted to.

She lightly pushed his body away from hers. “I have to go,” she mumbled.

He grabbed her wrist. “Where are you going?”

"Away from you. I can’t be near you," she told him sadly.

"Don’t go Emily. I’ll take you home."

She yanked her wrist out of his hand and stumbled away from him. “I’ll be fine.”

"Please," Hotch begged, "please don’t leave like this. Emily please."

She didn’t listen. She had to get away from him. She just embarrassed herself. She had no idea how she was ever going to show her face at work ever again. Emily walked away as she heard Hotch yelling her name repeatedly trying to get her to come back.

Tears freely streamed down her face. Hotch just told her he’d be with her if he had met her first. How was she supposed to deal with that? As she made her way home, the entire time she swore off alcohol for the rest of her life. Nothing good came out of it.


I Need A Boyfriend

"Damn Hotch, if I knew talking about getting laid could have gotten me that; I would have said something sooner."

Hotch bites her lip and cups her ass as he pulls her against him. “You won’t ever need to talk about needing to get laid ever again Emily, because I plan on giving it to you all the time.”

Emily smirks then grinds her hips against him. “That’s good to know.” They kiss again and suddenly there’s a knock on the door.

"Guys, can you hurry you, I have to take a leak," Morgan says through the door.

Hotch and Prentiss exchange a horrified look and start to laugh. “Can you say busted?”

Emily wraps her arms around his neck and draws him towards her. “It was totally worth it. Now we belong to the mile high club,” she winks then kisses him again before straightening their outfits and heading back to their seats to see their friends grinning at them as they return.


Camping Trip


"Emily you're shaking, what's wrong?"






"There's a snake under my sleeping bag Hotch. He's big, he's ugly and he's slimy!"


"You're scared of a snake?"


"Yes, I'm scared of a snake Hotch! He's humungous! I can deal with serial killers and I can deal with bugs but I don't under any circumstances deal with snakes."

Hotch laughs again and she digs her nails into his neck.




"Oh I'm sorry, I thought you were laughing at my expense so I decided to teach you a lesson."


"I'm sorry Prentiss, you just never struck me as someone who would be scared of snakes."


"Well I am so can you shut up now and get the ugly thing out of here please?" Emily looks down and sees her sleeping bag move again and she wraps her legs more around Hotch's waist and her arms secure themselves around his neck. "It's moving Hotch!"


"I see that Emily, but I can't get to it with you in my arms." Emily realizes that he would have trouble but she decides she's not getting down until that ugly thing is long gone so she maneuvers so he can swing himself to be on his back. "Prentiss!"


"What? I'm not getting down so you're stuck with me until King Cobra over here is gone. So deal with it."


"Shut up macho man. I hope you find this hilarious!"